About Us


Fusion 36 Degree specializes in providing freshly roasted coffee beans, coffee drinks, fruit smoothies and slush beverages, and tapioca balls. Customers can also mix-up the fruits in their smoothies and slush to fulfill their quench. We provide a cool hip place for late night hangouts and a nice cool serene study lounge for studious college students. We are open late on weekdays till at least 11:30 p.m. Come stop by and try our popular drinks!


Established in 2009.

Established by two brothers from Taiwan, the two brothers loved American food. The brothers opened an American home-style restaurant named Baccailis Cafe (find us on Yelp or visit our website!) in 2006 and by popular demand, the two brothers opened a coffee, smoothie, and tea shop next door called Fusion 36 Degree. Coffee beans are freshly roasted on site at the in-store coffee roaster weekly. Fusion 36 provides coffee beans ranging from exotic countries in Africa to South America.